Bambino Wafers is one of the largest suppliers of wafer goods to the retail and food service markets. An empire spread over nine countries and four continents we are the epitome by delivering the fine mixture of traditional taste and specialty bakery items.
Started around two decades before with just a team of seven people but now a leader in the global market. It’s all for the sheer determination and will power that we are here now, not by looking back but by maintaining a non- compromising attitude and goodwill. Bambino wafers is known for its unique yet home like taste all around and yet uniformity is maintained and it’s because we have never compromised when it comes to the quality of products we use to make our products. All materials are sourced from an approved list of suppliers who meet our quality standards. We have always been quite a few steps ahead of our nearest competitor because of our philosophy which is to continue to innovate and create new products while keeping on improving the others which are already a part of our delicious menu.


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